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Not Eerie Enough ? The Order (2003) Film Review

2 stars

 "She was like a sunflower. God's beautifulmistake." (Alex)

Writtenand directed by the Oscar-winning filmmaker Brian Helgeland, 'The Order' appearedto be a massive flop. With all frankness, I thought that I will not be amongthose who pan this movie, but you can't deny the truth: it was just not good.

What's the story?
Afterthe head of their order dies, a young priest Alex Bernier (Heath Ledger)travels to Rome. While everybody agrees that it was a suicide, he discoversthat there is a mystery behind this death and ventures to investigate the casefor the deceased was his mentor and friend. He is joined by another churchmanThomas (Mark Addy) and Mara (Shannyn Sossamon), a girl who suffers from mentalproblems.

Was it made look good (by those who work in pre- andpost-production or behind the camera)?
Thefirst issue to stand out a mile is that this so-called mystery thriller is noteerie or gripping at all. It tries so hard to deliver thrills but ultimatelyfails. However, it does include scenes and one-liners that could have make it apleasure to watch but this blend of some good stuff and a lot of very bad stuffseems to be not connectable ? and the atmosphere is gone. The second issue isthat the first half of the film is quite bearable until one point; and thatpoint deserves a few scoffs. While the idea of the movie is rather decent, its interpretationbrings the concept to naught.

What about acting?
Theonly attraction in the film is Heath Ledger but even his acting is eclipsed bythe overall movie's fiasco. Ledger's co-stars from 'A Knight's Tale' (2001) ShannynSossamon and Mark Addy as well as other cast members Peter Weller and BennoF�rmann are not bad but all the characters are uninteresting and lack thedepth. They tried to make Sossamon's heroine less nondescript by giving her anexciting backstory but it doesn't work. At the beginning, they cast VincentCassel for the part of Weller but he stepped out of the project due to somedisagreements, and as time showed, it turned to be even a smarter decision.

What did it make me feel?
I wastotally unimpressed, and it taught me nothing new.

Any chance of re-visiting?
I don'tthink so.

Unfortunately,there is often a rotten apple to be found in a bushel, and Brian Helgeland'spseudo-thriller 'The Order' is indeed a tasteless flick that might have beenbetter if they have added more style to it and diligence, to their work.

Rating:2 stars (see what that means)

Did youlike this film? Any thoughts are welcome.


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